The Rise of AI: Highlights from CES 2024 in Las Vegas

As the curtains rise on CES 2024, the world’s premier consumer technology trade showcase, it becomes abundantly clear that this year’s theme could well be dubbed “CE-AI-S.” Artificial Intelligence (AI) emerges as the star of the show, gracing everything from automobiles and apparel to robots, laptops, bicycles, footwear, speakers, and even the latest flagship TVs unveiled annually. This prelude captures the essence of CES 2024, where innovation intertwines seamlessly with the power of AI.

AI  CES 2024
AI CES 2024

AI Unleashed: Early Glimpses and Hands-On Experiences

Despite the official kick-off scheduled for January 9th, we’ve taken the initiative to dive headfirst into the AI avalanche, securing firsthand encounters with several buzz-worthy products. Among these, LG’s groundbreaking translucent, see-through TV screen, Shift’s Moonwalkers X robot shoes, and a collection of promising at-home robots have left an indelible mark on the CES 2024 landscape.

AI Comes To Your Big (See-Through) Screen!

Television, the perennial showstopper at CES, takes center stage once again, with LG’s Signature OLED 4K 77-inch see-through screen stealing the spotlight. This innovative display is not merely translucent; it allows you to see right through it, creating a visual spectacle even when content is on-screen.

CES Unwiled 2024: AI integration

A touch of the remote initiates a darker film from the base, transforming the see-through screen into a conventional yet stunning 4K TV. The viewing experience mirrors the seamless transition of sunglasses adapting to sunlight. Leveraging OLEDs, which can be printed on any surface, LG’s screen is essentially a transparent piece of glass, no wider than a smartphone.

The wider base accommodates speakers and essential TV tech, maintaining a sleek and futuristic aesthetic. This is the TV that could instigate envy in any neighborhood globally. Additionally, it is wireless, thanks to LG’s Zero Connect technology, enabling placement in front of windows without obstructing the view.

Samsung’s Transparent Leap

Not to be outdone, Samsung teases the world with the “world’s first transparent MicroLED display.” While still in the prototype stage, this transparent marvel offers a glimpse into the future of display technology. The Samsung flagship, the 65-inch QN900D Class Neo QLED 8K set, further elevates the viewing experience with its AI Gen 3 processors.

Samsung boldly claims it to be the “slimmest, most premium 8K TV ever,” promising enhanced upscaling to 8K and sharpening low-resolution content to a breathtaking level. The TV leverages deep learning to identify the sport being watched, delivering crystal-clear visuals of specific balls on-screen. The release date and pricing are yet to be disclosed, adding an air of anticipation to this technological marvel.

The Future is Transparent: Why See-Through Screens?

The emergence of see-through screens like LG’s Signature OLED and Samsung’s transparent MicroLED raises the question: why opt for transparency? The answer lies in the evolution of aesthetics. The conventional giant black box on the wall is now a relic of the past, replaced by screens that are present only when needed, seamlessly blending into the surroundings. LG’s vision, in particular, aligns with this, projecting the release of their transparent screen later in the year, although pricing details remain undisclosed.

AI in Action: Samsung’s QN900D Class Neo QLED 8K

Samsung’s QN900D Class Neo QLED 8K represents a pinnacle in TV technology. The amalgamation of brilliant picture quality, mind-blowing sound, and the power of AI Gen 3 processors propels it into a league of its own. Boasting the title of the “slimmest, most premium 8K TV,” it promises not just enhanced visuals but an immersive experience.

The TV’s AI prowess extends to its ability to automatically detect the sport being viewed, utilizing deep learning to enhance the tracking of specific balls on the screen with unparalleled clarity. Samsung’s commitment to delivering an “OMG — I feel I’m right there in real life” experience underscores its dedication to setting new standards in home entertainment.

Conclusion: The AI Revolution Unfolds at CES 2024

As CES 2024 unfolds, the prevalence of AI in consumer technology takes center stage. LG’s transparent OLED screen and Samsung’s QN900D Class Neo QLED 8K TV epitomize the convergence of cutting-edge technology and aesthetic innovation. The future is transparent, immersive, and seamlessly integrated with AI, promising a revolution in how we experience the world through our screens.

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