M Lhuillier Las Vegas: Bringing Convenient Financial Services to the Filipino Community

M Lhuillier is a household name in the Philippines, known for its trusted and reliable financial services. From pawnshops to money remittance centers, M Lhuillier Las Vegas has become an integral part of the Filipino community. But did you know that M Lhuillier has also expanded its reach to other parts of the world, including Las Vegas, Nevada?

In this article, we will explore M Lhuillier’s presence in Las Vegas, what services they offer, and how they are catering to the needs of the Filipino community in the area.

Introduction to M Lhuillier

M Lhuillier is a family-owned financial services company founded in Cebu, Philippines in the 1980s. It started as a single pawnshop, but has since expanded to include other services such as money remittance, bills payment, and insurance. Today, M Lhuillier has over 2,500 branches in the Philippines and has also expanded internationally with branches in the United States, Canada, and Hong Kong.

M Lhuillier Las Vegas Branches

M Lhuillier currently has three branches in Las Vegas, located in Spring Valley, East Las Vegas, and Chinatown. These branches are strategically located to cater to the Filipino community in the area, as well as other communities who may need their services.

Services Offered

M Lhuillier Las Vegas offers a range of financial services that cater to the needs of both Filipinos and other nationalities. These services include:

1. Money Remittance

One of M Lhuillier’s core services is money remittance, which allows customers to send and receive money from anywhere in the world. M Lhuillier Las Vegas offers this service, allowing customers to send money to their loved ones in the Philippines or other parts of the world.

2. Bills Payment

M Lhuillier Las Vegas also offers bills payment services, allowing customers to pay their bills conveniently and on time. This includes bills for utilities, credit cards, and other services.

3. Pawnshop Services

M Lhuillier’s pawnshop services allow customers to borrow money using their personal items as collateral. This is a quick and easy way to get access to cash when needed.

4. Insurance Services

M Lhuillier Las Vegas also offers insurance services, providing customers with peace of mind and protection in case of unexpected events such as accidents or illness.

Catering to the Filipino Community

M Lhuillier Las Vegas recognizes the importance of the Filipino community in the area, and has tailored its services to cater to their specific needs. This includes offering Tagalog-speaking staff in their branches, as well as Filipino-specific services such as Balikbayan boxes and Pasalubong services.


M Lhuillier’s expansion to Las Vegas is a testament to its commitment to providing convenient and reliable financial services to Filipinos and other nationalities around the world. With its range of services and strategic branch locations, M Lhuillier Las Vegas is a go-to destination for anyone in need of financial assistance.


  1. How do I send money through M Lhuillier Las Vegas?

You can visit any of their branches and fill out a remittance form, providing the necessary details such as the recipient’s name and address.

  1. Can I pay my bills through M Lhuillier Las Vegas?

Yes, M Lhuillier Las Vegas offers bills payment services for a range of utilities and other services.

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